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Seriously? ANOTHER daddy-issues Hawaii 5-0?

also- Steve needs to not make speeches. I like him better when he's blowing things up.
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Grammer lesson 1

How is it that I know how to spell aught (though apparently owt is not entirely incorrect. And yes, sometimes double negatives are necessary to make a syntactic point), yet vehicle and deodorant constantly elude me? (seriously, two tries each. And that's with knowing that my usual spelling is usually wrong.)
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Why did no one tell me that Rictor and Shatterstar became canon?

I am...I am beyond happy.

(Something is going to go wrong. I mean, it's x-men, nothing ever ends well for them. But seriously? Seriously? It's...beyond fantastic. And when it goes wrong (maybe it already has? I haven't bought comics in ages) hopefully it'll be written well and be solid plot as opposed to the fact that guy who created Shatterstar is a bit closed minded, and wants it not to have happened. Your characters get away from you, dude. That's what happens...sometimes I even write straight people. It's rare. but it happens)

Okay- so here's the thing- the few times that there have been gay, mainstream superheros (by which I mean Northstar) they don't really get to have a romance. Or rather they haven't until quite recently. They've just been defined as being 'the gay character' and then- left there.
Recently there really has been progress, though if I remember correctly Northstar x colossus was pretty...teeny bopper.
Which isn't to say the writers weren't doing something fairly spectacular when they put that into very mainstream x-men.
But Rictor and Shatterstar-
There's a reason there's so much fanfic. It's really clear that they are, in some way, everything to each other. And really? If one of them had been a girl they would have been together ages ago.
The guy who thought up Shatterstar may not have intended to make him gay, but he did put him with Rictor, and since then various writers have really built something.
I think it really is that it feels like it's more than just "look! We made someone gay because it's trendy!" It's very much 'these two really fit, maybe it's okay to actually go there.'

So, yeah, maybe it won't be too long until we stop having to have a 'gay and lesbian' section of the bookstore. Because it'll just be part of things.
Makes me happy that people like Peter David are pushing us in that direction. (which doesn't even start on tonight's NCIS episode. It's the first pop-media I've seen deal with the tentative repeal of DADT. It actually did pretty well for the fact that it only barely talked about it.)

Now? I really really have to go buy myself some comics.
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TV Reviewing

This? This is why I like British TV.

Watching The Cape, because hey, supposedly, it's my kind of thing.

It's supposed to be my kind of thing. After all, I'm a geek. I like comic books, I like superheroes.
Heck, I even kind of like superman.

But I find myself more and more frustrated with the status-quo of the whole thing. Good man, loves his wife, loves his kid, gets screwed by the system, becomes a tragic superhero.
Of course.
We get new scenarios (sort of), new villains (sometimes).
New status quo? Not happening yet.

Sherlock? Might just be asexual. And for that I love the BBC so effing much.

People who aren't "good family men" get to be heroes, too.

And when I read Hawaii 5-0 fan-fic it seems as realistic as the show ever does (which, you know, says what it says). But now? In these days? Why can't we have the guys with the chemistry end up together? Why does it have to be fan-fiction when it can be canon?

I'm not expressing this as well as I'd like to, but I need more time. And I don't think it's all about sexual orientation but that's where my brain is right now.

by the way my review for the first fifteen minutes? Heavyhanded. Reads a lot like V for some reason, I think because too many details have been revealed already. A little bit of mystery, please! (and hey, look, we might have some token unusual side characters! What a surprise!)
Maybe we could have held on to the identity of the villain until, oh, I don't know, the end of the episode at least?

And a note on commercials: Old Navy wants to sell us pants to make our butts looks a certain way? I realize this is not new but I am completely newly insulted.

(and okay, Summer Glau's character is helping. But why can't she be the main character and he be the sideline?...and okay, "I want to help you, Vince." Why? Why not "I'm doing a good thing. You want? You can help." Why does it have to be about him?)
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work is wacky

I made a reference to myself as Moses (as in mouthpiece of god: aka my boss) at work today in front of my boss.
He proceeded to put a shopping basket upside down on his head. Like a hat.

(I had almost forgotten about this until I saw someone reference Abraham. I just think it needs to be recorded somewhere.)
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50,000 words.

50,000+ more to go. Seriously. I haven't even hit part 2 (I'm almost there). we just figured out what the *actual* issue is going to be. And I haven't even dealt with the plot to overthrow the bad guy's ptb from within the party (plot by worse guys unfortunately for the world)

On the plus side- Sleeping bag of awesome!(Grant might actually be my favorite)

okay...either my neighbors are watching horror movies or they're having the scariest party ever. It sounds like an incoming thunderstorm.
My floor is vibrating.